1. What is the brand background of Viewgres, enterprise type? Is Viewgres tile imported?

Viewgres is a Sino-German collaboration, with head office in China. Its self-owned brand “Viewgres Fine Porcelain” focuses on 2cm-thick tile product, innovated design by Italy, distributed worldwide.

2. What is the relationship between Viewgres and Italy?

Using Italian full-body technology, Viewgres product is full-body and compact, using Italian imported glaze, and design originated from Italy.

3. Brand history and Honor?

In 2009 Viewgres produced out the first piece of 2CM fine porcelain, and received the national invention patent. Honor: Guangdong Province Technology Innovation Award -- Outstanding Award. Recognized as High-tech products in Guangdong Province The third China Italian Ceramic Design Award – Award of Excellence CCPL-2013, CCPL-2014 – Annual excellent product Etc.

4. What is the next step of brand promotion and product development?

We will focus on product ranges and domestic market. For the product development, we will aim at functional products, for example, add value on permeable function for the development of National Sponge City.

5. Where is your factory?

Ceramic Industrial Park, Yangzhai, Zibo, Shandong Province, China.

6. Could you provide certificate for project bidding?

Yes. We have full set of certification. We could provide them according to your requirements.

7. How could I become a Viewgres agent? What are the requirements,supports and marketing protection?

You have chance to be our agent if you have good resources of designers and project channel. We would sign an agreement with agent to establish business relationship. 

We have mature product structure and professional promotional training. 

8. Do you have training and instruction of brand,product,marketing etc?

Yes. We train our people,provide materials required for dealers and architects.

9. How to introduce the brand in the end-user market?

We provide different promotion idea as per requests.


10. What is Fine porcelain?What’s the difference between fine porcelain and traditional porcelain?

Fine porcelain is full body rustic tile with low water absorption. Fine porcelain usually be applied to exterior wall cladding ,landscaping etc. 

11. What’s the raw materials of fine porcelain?

Quartz refractory, feldspar, Pak Nai powder etc.

12. What’s the regular size? Is OEM available? 

We promote both 1cm and 2cm thickness which can be used indoor and outdoor. Regular size 450*900,600*600,600*1200.

13. Why could Viewgres still produce?

Outside the use of ordinary thickness of the product performance and thickness of the tile, the only 20mm thick products for outdoor applications. 

14. What’s the style of Viewgres fine porcelain? Where does it apply?

Modern style. It could apply to wall paving,floor paving,exterior wall cladding,landscaping etc.

15. Can you provide the technical specification?

Viewgres fine porcelain is fullbody tile. Technical specifications meet or exceed global industry standards.Water absorption < 0.2% , PEI wear resistance between 4 -5, high breaking strength over than 13000N, slip resistance R11. Radioactivity meets international Class A standard.

16. What’s the advantage of Viewgres fine porcelain over natural stone?

Viewgres fine porcelain is with low water absorption, acid resistance, high breaking strength. It could be applied to substantial projects. Compared to stone, the color of our porcelain is controllable. Similar density to granite, but less heavy than granite so ease the burden of the wall for exterior wall cladding projects. (our 2cm thick porcelain tile is as high breaking strength as other 2.5cm stone).

As regarding to environmental protection, Viewgres fine porcelain is made of natural clay and 64% recycled material, no radioactive pollution. We got the international Green Leaf certification. Using Viewgres fine porcelain to substitute for natural stone, the excessive exploitation of natural stone and metal tailing waste can be avoided gradually.

17. Does the Construction Project Management Enterprise have specific requirements on 2cm porcelain? Any authority certification on 2cm Fine Porcelain?

2cm Fine Porcelain is a new material, not yet developed in Construction Project Management Enterprise. But for project bidding, we can provide the related certification and test reports. 2cm Fine Porcelain has been recognized by Technical Supervision Bureau.

18. How about the after-service, complaint solution?

The professional quality and technology center will support the sales department to accomplish the solutions.

19. Who is your main competitors? What is your advantage?

Natural stone suppliers and some tile manufacturers are our competitors. Our advantage to natural stone, please refer to Q7. Compared with other tile brands, Viewgres keep regular stock which is good for both selling and production stability. Viewgres projects could be seen at home and abroad.

20. How much for the domestic market?

400 RMB per square meter for domestic market.

21. Is this for retailing or distribution?

For the domestic market, we mainly focus on projects so we need the specific detail of your project to get you the price.

22. For the domestic market, do you have local agents? If not, can I just purchase from your head office?

Same products and price from head office and local agent, while the local agent could provide you better service because he knows your market and need better.

23. As your factory is in Zibo, Shandong Province, how is the product quality and service there? How about the logistic?

Our product is for the global market, and can compete with the top brands in Italy and Spain. As one of the important ceramic producing area, Zibo has very mature logistic system and it is easy to ship to the whole country.

24. Packing detai?

About 50kg/sqm, for large format, similar package to the stone.

25. Could you send us a set of samples, catalogues, and architectural binders so that we can introduce to their clients for projects?

Please kindly follow our wechat official account VIEWGRES to get more information.


26. The types of exterior wall cladding?

Glass, metal, stone, artificial board (including porcelain tile, ceramic tile, and microlite etc.) and composite Panel.

27. Paving method of exterior wall cladding?

There are two methods, cement paving and facade. Cement paving way is traditional. However, it is not suitable for tall buildings. The tile would easily have the cracks, crystalline bloom and rust, sometimes even fall off dangerously. While facade, not only can avoid these problems and dangers, but can have heat well insulated and protected. With excellent safety performance and simple maintenance, facade is a preferable method of exterior wall cladding.

28. Can we use the cement paving way for Viewgres 2cm fine porcelain in exterior wall cladding?

Not recommended. Facade would be more suitable in regards of product weight and durability.

29. How many methods for facade?

There are three methods, Fischer Process System, Traditional Pin & Notching System and Hanging & Sticking System. Different countries have their own requirements. For example, Japanese uses Fischer Process System at 45 degree punching. Based on the wall body and budget, the facade company would apply to different method.

30. Is it too heavy for the 2cm tile on the wall?

In one hand, compared with stone in same area, our 2cm tile is less heavy so to ease the burden of the wall. In the other hand, facade need to punch at the tile, or have the notch, which requires some thickness and high breaking strength. Viewgres 2cm Fine Porcelain, with high breaking strength to 13,000N, equal to 6cm thick stone, guarantees the safety of the project.

31. The advantage of Viewgres 2cm Fine Porcelain over ceramic facade?

With 2cm thickness, Viewgres tile can be punched and notched just like stone, suitable for all kinds of facade.

With excellent resistance to wind load, over 13,000N breaking strength, Rupture modulus N≥ 45 MPa, stable technical function, strong shock resistance, Viewgres tile can satisfy the wind load design requirement, as well as the international standard of pressure test.

32. The advantage of Viewgres 2cm Fine Porcelain over stone in exterior wall cladding?

A. Viewgres 2cm Fine Porcelain has strong structural strength, Rupture modulus N≥ 45 MPa. B. It is 66.74% less heavy than the stone in the same area. What is more, the requirement for the facade construction, is simpler and costs less than the stone facade. C. Stable quality, strong shock resistance, Viewgres tile can satisfy the wind load design requirement so as to increase the stability of the facade technique. D. Rich color of Viewgres tile, durable even under sunshine for a long period. E.With excellent frost resistance, acid & alkali resistance and stain resistance, crack or color fading won’t occur.

33. Any height requirement for facade? What is the limit?

Our tile has passed the four performance tests of facade. The facade height is subject to the project. Over 100-meter-height, the material need to be tested nationally.

So if your project is over 100 meters, we need to send our tile to the national authority to test for the feasibility and reliability.

34. If we use Viewgres tile to do the facade in Northern area, any effect on the thermal insulation material of the wall? Will the cost increase?

No, there won’t be any effect, same as the stone facade. 

35. As per facade, do you have enough experience and solutions?

We have successful facade projects at home and abroad, like Korea chanshidong Hotel, Hotel Jeju Korea, SEC Xiamen, Twin Towers Greenland Zhengzhou and so on. We have mature application on facade and structural solutions. We have the tech center to specially support the project.

36. For the facade of villas, how would be the door and window?

We can have some design on these, through processing, however there would be some limits on the rounding.

37. How many types of facade accessories? Any standard and how long is the life?

The hardware accessories, channel steel and angle steel, you should refer to the facade company for specific data.

The facade accessories mainly include stainless steel Fischer Process, aluminum alloy pendant and stainless steel pendant, and also channel steel and angle steel. (specific size is designed by the facade company based on the technology standard).

38. Is the pendant for metal Viewgres 2cm tile facade same as the stone facade? What is the requirement?

Yes, the same, and no requirement for the pendant.

The metal pendant is used widely for different facade system. However, the thickness of pendant for Notching System is required to be at least 3mm for stainless steel, while 4mm for aluminum alloy one.

39. How much is the cost of Fischer Process System and Notching System? And the market price for facade accessories? How about the labor cost?

The cost for Fischer Process System and Notching System would be about RMB 120-140, the accessories cost about RMB 200-300, while the labor cost would be about RMB 80-120. It depends on the technique and project budget.

40. Does your facade products share the same package and transportation and even construction number?

Viewgres has its own product package, which is even better than the stone package. And please advise the construction number in advance so the factory will have the shipping mark.

The black anti-slip exterior wall cladding like GP017A, because of the color difference of product itself and the reflector caused by uneven surface, will have some influence for larger area. Therefore, an instruction and suggestion is needed. The cleaning and maintenance of this kind of product would be also a problem, which should be taken care of especially in the Northern area.

41. What is the advantage of the pedestal system, feasible and do you have any project related?

We have pedestal application in Canada, Chile already. There are some professional pedestal R&D and application companies overseas. However, this system is just in the very beginning in the domestic market because of the habit and accessories development.

Advantage: A. reduce the load of the building, B. simple installing and dis-assembly, easy for maintenance (convenient to check and maintain the cable and pipe installed below), C. lower the cost. This system is especially suitable for space that has complicated components or limited loading capacity like outdoor, balcony or attic etc.

42. Any requirements on the tile in using pedestal system? Any problem in loading capacity? Could we drive the car on it?

The weight capability of the tile is directly proportional to its thickness. The breaking strength of Viewgres 2cm Fine Porcelain is ten times of traditional tile, 13,000N, which guarantees the weight capability of the tile. It is not recommended to drive if the back of the tile doesn’t have the reinforcement.

43. What is the limit of center point weight capacity of the 600x600x20mm?

Haven’t yet tested.

44. How many types of joint sealing materials for pedestal system?

The designer recommends the mirror steel (the gap is 6mm).

45. In the floor application, how is the weight capacity of your tile?

We need the specific situation to confirm the weight capacity. (we haven’t yet professionally tested, but we have the video about driving above the pedestal system) .

46. What is the gap for paving? And what is the material?

For indoor, about 2-3mm, outdoor 5-6mm. For indoor floor and wall application of Viewgres 1cm tile, cement paving is recommended. For interior and exterior wall application, please use 2cm tile facade. We use ceramic tile adhesive for cement paving. Exterior wall cladding use facade adhesive.

47. How do we clean when we apply Viewgres fine porcelain on floor? Do we use acid or basic cleanser?

Normal cleaning is ok. We recommend to clean with oxalic acid.

48. For the projects, sometimes we will have odd shape like rounding, triangle and so on. Can you process and how is the cost? As per the notching, is it more difficult than using the stone?

We can recommend some processing factories that have long-term cooperation with us. The cost depends on the specific processing size and requirements. As per the notching, same difficulty as using the stone.

49. The facade project, is it possible to cut and process in the construction spot?

Yes, some simple processing is possible. While the large processing projects, you’d better go to the processing factory.

50. Do we have experienced construction team? Do you also sell the kit of facade construction?

We would provide construction advise. But it should be completed by professional facade company.

51. What should be aware of when it is under construction?

Please note that our tile is 2cm thick, more close to stone so the cutting and processing is different from processing of traditional tile. 

52. In landscape application, the cushion standard for 2cm tile, is it the same as that for stone?

Yes, the same, so the project steps could be simplify.

53. Can we apply Viewgres fine porcelain in equipment room? Is it anti-static?

Yes, but professional test must be done by the related department.

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