Technical Specification

  • Mohs Hardness                            Grade 7
  • ​Modulus of Rupture                     45MPa
  • Breaking Strength                       13000N
  • Kiln Temperature                         Non Constant Temperature
  • Water Abosorption                      <0.1%
  • Anti-slip Resistance                      R11
  • Abrasion Resistance                    PEI4-5
  • Frost Resistance                          Pass
  • Resistance of Acids and Alkalis    Pass




Finish: Lappato, Matt, Anti-slip.





Indoor & Outdoor

Full body fine porcelain.

Integrated application for both Indoor & Outdoor.




Extremely low water absorption

Advanced production technology making the water absorption <0.1%.

Excellent acid and alkalis resistance.

Suitable material for outdoor.





High density and abrasion resistance

High density due to due to high-temperature calcination.

Abrasion resistance reach PEI4-5.




Full body Technology

Advantage in low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, coefficient of expansion etc.

Idea material for exterior curtain wall.



High Hardness and Breaking Strength

Mohs hardness reach grade 7.

Modulus of rupture reach 45MPa.

Idea material for outdoor area.



Richly-textured Surface

Global advanced <SFP technology>.

Different finish including Matt, Anti-slip, Lappato.

Anti-slip resistance reach R11 and match the standard from US, AU, EU and CH. 



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