From rare natural marbles in  Turkey, Pietra features subtle grains and dark-bright shades. Reproducing classic white base grains of natural stones, Pietra emits vitality in grey tranquility. With varied surface grains, matte and anti-skid granulized finish Pietra give designers multiple application choices and allow you to create your own comfortable and nutural space.


Pietra Royal is designed based on the beige marble of the rayal household of Turkey. Thanks to its warm and high-end beige, it is well known for its salutatory linear texture, thus it is the high-end building materials for lots of famous buildings till now. As a high-end coating material, Pietra Royal was popular with the European royal more than 300 years ago. Pietra Royal was used to embellish the historical buildings such as Venice Duke Palace in Italy, Castello Sforzesco, Royal Palace of Turin etc.









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