Rooted in Boizenburg Group, a hundred-year-old Germany Company.


Viewgres is a Sino-German joint venture specializing in product design, R&D, pruduction and global trading.










Guided by the spirit of fine workmanship from Boizenburg, Viewgres is the initiator and leader in the production of fine porcelain with 2cm thickness. Viewgres sticks to the Germany managing idea of quality and innovation, and provides fine products and application programs for commercial buildings and high-end residential buildings.





To present international top quality and fine experience to clients, our Fine Porcelain reaches to the aesthetics of natural stone, and even superior to natural stone in regards to function and overall application. With both 1cm and 2cm thickness, Viewgres Fine Porcelain is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and available in a wide variety of creative patterns and designs.





Focusing on aesthetic and innovation of 2cm tile, Viewgres also meets the architectural design demand and conform to the latest regulation on environment and architecture. 

Constantly introducing new technical solutions , Viewgres occupies a commanding position in the marketplace of 2cm tile, meeting the diversified aesthetic and functional requirements.



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